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Professional Drone Services

Your Aerial Photography
& Visual Marketing Partner

CNY Horizons offers still drone images and video footage to market or showcase your project from a unique perspective.




Drone Photography

We will get stunning still drone images by finding those vantage points and highlight the best of your event or property. We will collect shots from unique perspectives.

Construction Drone Aerial Picture
Aerial Drone Wedding Photo
Drone Aerial Solar Panels Picture

22 Delano St A3

Syracuse, NY 13142

Innovating Solutions to engage

Drone Video

If a picture tells a thousand words, think of how much an aerial drone video can tell your audience. Drone filming creates stunning marketing content or highlight the progress of a project. It increases interest whether you're using it on your website or social media pages.

Our custom work include adding captions and special effects.


right above for sound

Let us know what you're looking for and how we can help.

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